Stock Management System

The Stock Management was developed using PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap and MySQL Database as Back-End. This Stock Management System is used to track the products in and out from the inventory, the user can add products, update, delete and track, and keep the records of products in a proper way.Our Stock Management System has five features or modules

  • -Brand
  • -Category
  • -Product
  • -Orders
  • -Report

The Brand which contains the brand name of the product and status if the product is available or not, second is Category which contains what category name of the product and also status, third is Product which contains name of product, rate, quantity, brand, category and status of the product, fourth is Orders which contains date of order, client/customer, contact, total of ordered item and payment status and last is the Report which contains all the transaction from the customer.

University Health Clinic (CMS)

The University Health Clinic is a software program that helps hospitals manage their activities and events. It is built specifically for the PHP Laravel framework.It features many modules, including those for adding new doctors, controlling parents, and scheduling appointments. It’s a robust web-based hospital management system with a user and admin panel. It is having a management software that is integrated. It’s a useful piece of software that’s been built to meet a variety of hospital management needs.

Features and Its Modules:

  • Managing Doctors
  • Managing patients
  • Appointments 
  • Manage Labs
  • Manage Pharmacy
  • Registration.
  • Check-in and check-out 
  •  – Automation in the laboratory
  • Manage Schedule
  • Manage Pharmacy
  • Keeping track of patient records.
  • Managing Financial
  • Keeping track of employees.
  • Managing Lap
  • Payroll System for Employees
  • Manage Prescriptions
  • Consultant Doctor
  • Manage Beds
  • Manage Human resource